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Navigating Complexity. Fostering Innovation.
Informing Strategies with Systemics.

We are an international multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to helping companies navigate complexity, innovate, and build resilient strategies. People are a company's greatest asset. At Papillon Transformative Consulting, we strive to empower their voices.

Our competencies include:

  • Strategy planning

  • Systemics, Systems Thinking, and Complexity Thinking

  • Change Management

  • Agile methodology

  • Design Thinking

  • User Experience

  • Operational efficiency and effectiveness

Systemic Development Associates

A pioneer in critical systems approach to leadership development, strategic risk management and innovation in complex work environments.


An innovative, web-based application, created to enable organizations and communities to gather and develop the wealth of knowledge that resides within.

Future Insight Maps

Consulting and learning organization providing certification in WindTunneling facilitation.



Navigating Uncertainty in Business

In collaboration with Bruce McKenzie, sponsored by the Australian Catholic University, Executive Education, we are researching  how California businesses plan to adapt to the upcoming changes that the President-elect Trump has promised to bring to the country during his campaign. If you are are interested in participating, please contact us.


Current Projects


Papillon Transformative Consulting, or PTC for short, is a consulting firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Our international multidisciplinary team of professionals is dedicated to help companies to understand and navigate complexity, innovate, and build resilient strategies. 


Our dynamic and flexible team brings a variety of knowledge, skills, and tools to the table. 


We believe people are an organization's greatest asset, and are commited to helping them find their ‘voice’ and have it heard in decision-making places.


When the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to fly.
About us
Meet the Team


Barbara Strickland

Barbara Strickland has an extensive background in Operations. She has served as the Chief Operations Officer and Director of Operations & IT for a number of companies primarily in the serviced office sector of the real estate industry. Interacting with visionaries from many startups and key decision makers of Fortune 500 companies, she has skillfully assisted in transforming their design concepts into executable plans.


Barbara achieved an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise through the GreenMBA program at Dominican University of California and has her BA in Telecommunications from Indiana University. She has been involved with Future Insight Maps and WindTunneling for the last five years. She is a Certified WindTunneling Facilitator.

Bruce McKenzie

Bruce McKenzie is a pioneer and activist in the implementation of holistic thinking to complex issues impacting on community development and organizational wellbeing. Holding post-graduate qualifications in Regional Planning and Systemics he has, since 1972, facilitated learning programs in these disciplines at universities around the world.


Bruce is a successful entrepreneur, building a thriving consulting group in Australia, Thailand, and the European Union.  

In recent years, he has been applying this knowledge to the long-term accessibility and affordability of renewable energy sources for non-urban communities.

Decades of successful international experience has brought Bruce the confidence and “unassuming leadership” that every CEO or manager or staffer immediately recognizes for its authenticity based on direct engagement with complex issues.

Magali Goirand

Magali Goirand is a holistic thinker. She has worked with small and large international High Tech companies in Europe and the US. Her dual background in sciences and business allows her to navigate the two communities with ease. She is a training professional with an extensive facilitation experience fostering collaborative learning.


She has a strong interest in healing arts from the East such as TaiChi, Yoga and Ayurveda.


Magali has an M.S in Electrical Engineering, major in Signal Processing and Acoustics from ESIEE Paris, and Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France. She graduated with an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from Dominican University of California. She is a Certified Windtunneling Facilitator. 


Stroud -Wahlberg

Rachel Wahlberg has served in a variety of roles in digital marketing, digital product development, and user-centered design since 1998. Her most recent accomplishments included forming and leading a user-centered design organization, serving as PMO and lead of communications for large, complex programs, and completing her systemic thinking studies and WindTunneling certification.

Rachel obtained her MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from Dominican University of California and holds her B.S. In Business Administration from Sonoma State University. She is a Certified User Experience Analyst, Certified Usability Analyst, Certified OPEX Blue Belt, a trained OPEX Black Belt and Certified WindTunneling Facilitator.


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